NLP Trainer International Certification (CT.NLP)


What will you learn?

  • Set a group mind
  • Train your group effectively
  • Mark your stage for success
  • Use your fear for power
  • Release your personal power
  • Secrets & Power of humor
  • How to anchor group
  • Master group waking hypnosis
  • Embedded commands no one will notice
  • Metaphors for group hypnosis
  • Control time for effective training
  • Secrets of mind control technique
  • How group think works
  • Elicit group goals
  • Target problem students early
  • Turn problems into assets
  • Effective forgetfulness
  • Use group beliefs
  • Advanced new behaviors for speaking
  • Linguistic patterns for groups
  • Remove any negative from your past
  • Concerning speaking
  • Group rules – How to set them up
  • Secrets of marketing in training

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