Sertifikasi Internasional NLP Coach (CNLC) (Confirm Running)

NLP Coach International Certification (C.NLC)


  • Work with many common coaching/client issues.
  • Facilitate the client's progress through blocks, fears and obstacles.
  • Deliver effective feedback (in a way that the client can hear) for success.
  • Help clients identify their priorities, and take appropriate action based on them.
  • Provide your clients with the accountability they need to continue taking action.
  • Help clients resolve inner-conflicts and make better decisions.
  • Coach clients to take action now

What will you Learn

  • How to become an effective listener
  • How to conduct all types of coaching
  • How to really move people into action
  • How to assess yourself and others learning styles
  • How to align one's goals, values, beliefs,
  • How to use advanced NLP to create change
  • How to change a client's personal model of the world to one in which the desired goals are a natural occurrence
  • How to move a client to their true goals with freedom and choice
  • How to create deep rapport
  • How to create sound wellness and coaching strategies for busy people

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